The seminars hosted by the organization will invite local/international motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, professionals, successful business men and women and educationalists. The seminars will be targeted at beneficiaries only (women and children). The programmes will be advertised on radio, television stations, newspapers, bulletin adverts as well as on bill boards or posters. Each seminar will be executed by the executive facilitator, facilitator(s), invited guests, volunteers and employed staff. These seminars will be funded by sponsor / donor or partner organizations.


Skills acquisition trainings for beneficiaries on basic skills such as: bead making, Pastry making, hat making, dress making, hair styling, interior & exterior decoration and computer literacy, Photography etc.

Apprenticeship trainings will also be organized in conjunction with reputable organizations for the acquisition of technical skills in the fields of scaffolding, welding, painting, etc. These trainings will be facilitated by already established training centers or companies until the organization acquires its own training institute. The beneficiaries will be funded either individually by sponsors or collectively by donors and partner organizations.


Counseling sits at the heart of the transformation agenda of the organization. A one-on -one counseling session will be held with individual beneficiaries of the organization before or after the aid is rendered. The beneficiary will be counseled based on sound Christian moral scriptural values and principles.

This session will also serve as a way to drive the aim of the philanthropic activity as well as monitor it.